The Mailbutler mobile app is available for iOS and Android. Simply install the app directly from the iOS App Store  or Google Play Store.

Please note that you cannot send emails on the Mailbutler Mobile App.

Manage your emails on the go with these features:

  • Inbox Organization
    • Notes - Attach, review and edit your Mailbutler Notes.
    • Tasks - Attach, review, update and edit your Mailbutler Tasks.

  • Communication
    • Follow-Up - Get reminded to follow up on important emails.
    • Open Tracking - Check if your recipients read your emails.
    • Link Tracking - Check if your recipients opened the links in your emails.
    • Tracking Details - Check how often, when, where and on which device your emails have been opened.
    • Real-Time-Notification - Receive a push notification on your phone when the recipient opens your tracked email.


Get the Mailbutler mobile app now.