Mailbutler is a great companion for any professionals to manage their inbox. It’s also a fantastic tool that helps teams collaborate easier in their inbox.

Create a team in Dashboard

1. Open the Mailbutler Sidebar, click on the Account Settings (⚙) button, then on Manage Teams.

a) Apple Mail

b) Gmail

c) Outlook


2. A new window will pop up. In the upper right corner, you will see a plus sign. Click that, and automatically a New Organization will appear immediately.

4. Now add a Team. Each Organization can have multiple Teams, for example, a Team for Sales employees or one for Marketing.

8. Enter their email address to send an invitation by clicking invite.

Features available for team sharing

The following features of Mailbutler can be extended for sharing use if you are already in a team:

  • Shared Notes – share created notes with your Mailbutler team members.
  • Shared Tasks – share created tasks with your Mailbutler team members.
  • Shared Message Templates –  share your predesigned message templates that can be used across your Mailbutler team.
  • Shared Signatures – share your custom signature design with your team and generate a signature for each member in seconds.