General settings

Here, you can set your Mailbutler preferences for Undo Send, Tracking, Attachment reminder, Snooze, and Follow-up reminder.

Privacy settings

With the new privacy settings on the dashboard, you can now control how much information Mailbutler stores about your emails when you are using features such as Email Tracking, Snooze, Scheduling, Notes, and Tasks. Follow the guidelines below to set your privacy preferences:

Note: Kindly note that the privacy option you select will affect how your real-time notifications will look like. Please note that irrespective of which privacy option you choose, your data still remains your data. We never read, analyze or store your message’s content or attachments!

1. Under preferences, click on Privacy.

2. You can now choose what information you want Mailbutler to store about your emails when using Tracking, Snooze, Schedule, Notes, and Tasks.


Here, you can activate notification settings for the following:

Message opened: Once activated, you will receive a pop-up notification when your tracked email is opened.

Tracking link clicked:  This notification will be sent when a tracked link is clicked for the first time.

Task reminder due: This is a notification you receive when the due date for your task is up.

Follow-up Reminder due: This is a follow-up reminder notification.

Shared notes and tasks: This notification will be sent when a shared note or task is updated.

Date & Time

1. You can customize your working hours in this section. This will be useful when snoozing your emails to the next working day or scheduling your emails to be sent on the next working day.

2. If you're using Mailbutler for Gmail or Outlook, you can also set the date format, the first day of the week and the time format, in this section.

If you're using Mailbutler for Apple Mail, Mailbutler will follow the date and time settings you've set in your System Preferences.

Auto BCC to CRM

If you use a CRM such as Hubspot, Pipe drive or any other CRM system, you can set up auto BCC to CRM  to automatically send a copy of all your outgoing emails to your CRM.


Preferences in the Mailbutler Mobile App

Change your preferences in the Mobile App by clicking on your profile picture at the top left of your screen.

Tracking: activate “Ignore my origin” this to avoid tracking yourself when you open your own emails. It ignores the IP address of your mobile device. But remember that devices with the IP address as yours won’t be tracked either.

Appearance: change your screen to “Light” / “Dark” mode and make the Mailbutler Mobile App suitable to your needs.