The Automation allows you to define what should happen to your Task once your recipient has responded. By default, the automation you've configured will be applied to all of your Tasks.

Task Automation

1. Go to Mailbutler Account & Preferences Settings.

2. Click Automations in the left-hand menu. Select the automation you wished to automatically apply when you create a Task.

         a. Emails

.        b. Compose window (When you are about to send an email)

.      c. Contacts

Note: You can always change the applied automation for each task.

  • Set to "completed"- will automatically set your Task as completed as soon as you receive a reply from your recipient

  • Remove Reminder- Will remove the reminder once you receive a response.

  • Delete Task- will erase the Task without leaving any traces on your Mailbutler Activity dashboard.
  • No Action- Your Task will remain unchanged. To mark a Task as complete, manually click the checkbox symbol directly next to the Task subject.

Learn more about creating an email task here.

More information about creating Tasks for your contacts may be found here:
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Send Later Automation

You can define what should happen to your message if you try to send an email outside of your working hours using the Automation for Send Later feature.

Schedule next Working day- will automatically schedule your email to the next working day that is set in your Mailbutler Work hours settings.

Ask What to do - When you send an email outside of working hours, Mailbutler will prompt you to send it immediately or schedule it for the next working day.

Send Email- This automation will make no changes and will send your email immediately.