We’re sorry to hear that you’d like to delete your Mailbutler account. Please note that this will erase all of your data from our system and external systems.

If you have a subscription, you need to cancel it first before deleting your account. You can do that here.

Delete your account

1. Log in to your Mailbutler Dashboard and go to your Profile settings.

2. On the bottom right of the page you will see a red ‘Delete account’ button. Click it and confirm your selection to delete your account along with all the information on your profile, like message templates, tracking information, notes, tasks and more.


If you also need to remove any Mailbutler apps from your devices, follow the uninstallation instructions here.

Also, make sure that you have removed any subscription assigned to the user. 

If you only want to update your Mailbutler profile, you can follow the instructions here.