Mailbutler’s inbox features help you organize and manage your emails easier in Gmail. You can further optimize your workflow with keyboard shortcuts!

Keyboard shortcuts in Mailbutler for Gmail

You have the option to set keyboard shortcuts for particular features. This allows you to use your favorite features with just a few taps on the keyboard instead of clicking on the feature icon.

Shortcuts are available for the following Mailbutler features:

Find your Mailbutler keyboard shortcuts

1. Open your email client and in the Mailbutler sidebar click on the Account Settings () button, then Account & Preferences.

2. A new window will pop up. Select Keyboard Shortcuts under Preferences in the sidebar on the left.

Customize your Mailbutler keyboard shortcuts

You can create your own and change Mailbutler’s default keyboard shortcuts as you please. 

1. Access the Mailbutler keyboard shortcuts.

2. Click on the shortcut you would like to change.

3. Record your new shortcut keys by pressing them.

4. The new keys will be recorded and you can now use them in Gmail.

5. To reset the shortcuts, click Reset default shortcuts.

How to use keyboard shortcuts in Gmail

1. Click Compose to open the New message box.

2. Press the shortcut keys for the desired feature to use it.