Unlike most email software, we do not restrict the number of email accounts connected to your Mailbutler account.

This means you can connect an unlimited number of email addresses to a single Mailbutler subscription or account, providing that they are all used by a single user.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Connect an email account with Mailbutler

Connecting your email account with Mailbutler is required sometimes, so that various features of Mailbutler can work properly. It can also depend on the version of Mailbutler you are using. Features that always require an active connection are Send Later and Snooze, unless you use them with Compatibility Mode.

There’s no need to manually add the email account to your Mailbutler account. Mailbutler will ask for your permission to access your email account when you are using our features in the email client of your choice.

Remove the connection between an email account and Mailbutler

You can manage any third-party integrations you have connected to Mailbutler via your Integrations. Once you’re there, you’ll see the email accounts that you connected to your Mailbutler account. In the example below, a Gmail account and an Outlook accounts are connected. You can remove the connection by clicking the bin button.

Server types are supported by Mailbutler

Currently, Mailbutler supports almost every server type including:

  • iCloud
  • Gmail
  • IMAP
  • Yahoo
  • Exchange 2013 and up
  • AOL
  • POP (limited)