At Mailbutler, we use the same technology that email newsletter services use by relying on a 1-pixel image in your email.

If you activate email tracking for a specific email, Mailbutler automatically includes a hidden 1-pixel image with a unique mail-ID into the outgoing mail.

Once the recipient opens your email, the recipient’s mail client or web service sends a request to our server in order to load the hidden 1-pixel image. Our servers then collect and store the mail-ID and the date/time of such request. We, in turn, pass on the date/time and mail-ID to your Mailbutler software where it is linked to the specific email and enables the Mailbutler software to display the second checkmark in the Sent folder.

For more details, please read our privacy policy and terms & conditions.

Note: If the recipient has enabled image blocking in his mail program, our tracking pixel won’t be loaded. As a result, Mailbutler won’t be able to notify you whether this person has read your email or not.

If you are using an IMAP or iCloud account in Apple Mail, you can also see who out of multiple recipients has opened your email. For more information on per-recipient tracking, please see here.

For instructions on how to use Mailbutler's Tracking feature, please visit the below articles.

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For general information on Tracking, please check out our feature page.