Note: Auto BCC to CRM is a Mailbutler Business feature and as such, is only available at this level of subscription. 


It is now easy to use the Auto BCC to CRM feature with our New Dashboard! You can add the settings right from the email app! 

For general information about the Auto BCC to CRM feature, visit our feature page.

1. Open the Mailbutler Sidebar, click on the Account Settings (⚙) button, then on Preferences.

a) Apple Mail

b) Gmail

c) Outlook

2. A new window will open. Switch to the Auto BCC tab. Click on the Add Rule button to add a new default BCC email address.

3. Enter the email address you want the email to be sent with (and BCC automatically attached) in Sender address.

4. Enter the email address of the recipient who should be automatically linked to the bcc.

5. Finally, next to BCC, enter the email address that you want to be automatically inserted into the BCC field. (CRM email address)

6. Your changes are automatically saved.

In your email client (Apple Mail shown below), compose a new message. The BCC will be automatically added in the BCC segment when the rules are met.