The Attachment Reminder feature is available for Apple Mail and Gmail. Only available to MacOS Monterey or older versions.

There is no need to manually set an Attachment Reminder. If you mentioned a keyword ( eg. attached, attachment etc) in your email but forgot to attach the file, Mailbutler will remind you to include an attachment after you hit send.

a) Apple Mail


b) Gmail

Please find below a list of words that will trigger the Attachment Reminder.
If you would like any other words to be considered, please feel free to add your suggestions on our Feedback Page.

  • Portuguese"anexo", "ficheiro", "anexa", "arquivo"
  • Dutch:"bijlage", "bijgevoegd", "bijgesloten"
  • German: "anhängen", "angehängt", "anbei", "Anhänge", "Anhang"
  • English: "attachment", "attaching", "attached", "attach"
  • Spanish:"adjunto", "archivo adjunto", "archivos adjuntos", "adjuntar archivo", "adjuntar archivos", "atachar", "attachar", "atachado", "attachado", "archivo anexo", "archivos anexos", "anexo", "anexar", "anexado"
  • French: "fichiers joints", "fichier joint", "pièce jointe", "pièces jointes", "ci-joint", "ci joint", "appendice"
  • Italian:"allegato", "allegati", "allego", "alleghiamo", "annesso", "annessi", "trasmetto", "trasmettiamo", "invio", "inviamo", "ricevi", "ricevete", "anticipo", "anticipiamo

  • Finnish: "liite","liitettä","liitetty", "liitetyt", "liitettyä","liitettyjä", "liitteet", "liitteeksi", "liitteiksi", "liitteen", "liitteitä", "liitteinä", "liitän", "oheen", "ohessa", "oheinen", "oheiset", "oheisen", "oheisia", "oheista", "liitteenä"
  • Hungarian: "melléklet", "melleklet", "mellékel", "mellekel", "csatol", "küldöm", "kuldom"

For general information on the Attachment Reminder feature, please visit our feature page.