Mailbutler has a special Developer Preview version that allows users to test our software before it is released. This is a working version of our plugin, and as such, is constantly undergoing changes. It is not a version that we guarantee will be stable.

The benefits of testing out this preview version are: the opportunity to provide feedback and steer the progress of Mailbutler; advance experience with improvements and changes; and major gratitude from our entire team. 

Anyone can test the Developer Preview version, it is open to all Mailbutler users, as long as they are committed to giving us regular and constructive feedback.


Please read through the points below to determine if it is for you:


This version is right for you if:

- you like to test out new software

- you understand software can be broken

- you don't mind getting regular (daily) updates

- you accept that we can't offer you personal support when something is broken

- you are committed to giving us regular and constructive feedback on any issues you find


This version is NOT right for you if: 

- you rely on our software for you daily business

- you are annoyed by frequent updates 

- you expect bugs to be fixed immediately and to have personal support

- you are not comfortable and skilled with new software in general

- you just want to have early access to new features


If you think that the Developer Preview version is right for you, please contact our support staff at for the download link.